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A Review of InfinityTrafficBoost

You came online to earn a part time or full time income, right, and I would be willing to bet that you also, hoped, in the back of your mind, that you could have FUN while earning, too.

C'mon, be serious, I'm sure you thought about that a bit, right? At least you didn't plan on your online business being daily drudgery that was almost as bad as a J.O.B. and, worse yet, didn't pay you a regular salary.

I was in the same boat, felt the same emotions, fears and frustrations until I found an advertising and income HOME.

Yep, a trusted community where I could EARN (for referrals and performing simple tasks) that also gave me built in advertising for my main program.

It was manna from heaven, let me tell you!

And what I found, that was truly fascinating, was that every time I uncovered a new and rewarding feature, I realized it was designed to create more money and better advertising results for members.

I was truly blown away, I think you'll agree, too, as we dive into some details about this new service.

First and foremost, it is providing me a way that I can EARN EVERY DAY by performing simple tasks. Yes, I have a primary business to build but I also need to earn consistent money while building my main business and I'm sure you are in the same boat and so is your team.

But, what's great, is that I can earn Free Advertising AND Cold Hard Cash Every Day by perfoming simple tasks just a few minutes a day.

I'm sure that you have heard of Traffic Exchanges which are a VERY Popular way for experienced marketers and "newbies" alike to gain exposure for their program at a very low (or even free) cost.

Well, I can tell you that I have found a First of It's Kind Traffic Exchange, just recently launched by Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark that is truly a Revolutionary LEAP Forward in Advertising and Income.

InfinityTrafficBoost ("ITB") allows you to earn traffic credits AND revenue share cash DAILY merely by spending a few minutes surfing other websites.

What's so cool, too, is that ITB is the world's first Truly Legal and Sustainable Revenue Share Traffic Exchange purchase points from as low as $3.50 to as high as $3,501.75. Yep! There is something for everyone and EVERYONE can benefit from both the little and the big purchases.

I want to talk to you about the sustainable revenue share in a minute, but I first want to explain what blew me away with the compensation plan - an idea that has been a long time in coming in this industry - pay every member for every sale they make regardless of their membership level!

Think about it, if members on a low budget can earn big commissions, they will probably put a bit more effort into marketing, right?

And, if the Big Players, well financed marketers, can earn even BIGGER Commissions, they'll be quite happy to market, too, right (I mean, c'mon, a $2,436.00 commission - with potential leverage - HAS to be appealing, right?)

That's what I found at InfinityTrafficBoost - ALL Members earn a MINIMUM of 30% commission on all sales they generate or get passed to them (ooooh, ANOTHER Hidden benefit!) and as much as 80%. That's real money!

And why is this important to you, why should you care about OTHER People making money?

Well, it's very simple, it's because the more people who are promoting ITB the more "eyeballs" will be seeing YOUR ads and providing YOU with more value and more exposure for your main program.

But, wait, it gets better, too (See, I told you that as I "peeled the onion" here at ITB the better and better it got!).

Every time there is an advertising purchase made in InfinityTrafficBoost 10% of the purchase price is allocated to the Surfers Rewards Pool. These Surfers Rewards are released to the qualifying participants in a consistent fashion creating reliable and income potential for participants. PLUS, that 10% is enhanced by even MORE admin contributions when a sale is made by a member who earns 30% instead of the max 80%.

So, you can see, that by merely surfing a few sites a day ITB members can earn consistent cash that could grow to be very sustainable and reliable and is further enhanced by purchasing additional advertising.

As members purchase larger and larger advertising packages they get more advertising credits to advertise their main program and they are able EARN more from Referrals and SURF More to earn more in the Surfers Rewards Pool! (See what I told you... Everything they do at ITB is designed to generate more money and more (better) traffic for members!)

Should we dig a bit deeper into the compensation plan, peel that onion just a bit more?


Two things that I want to wrap up with here (1) Leverage and (2) Residual Income.

First, the leverage... ITB has created an INCREDIBLE compensation plan that rewards you for your referral efforts so you want to tell your friends about ITB right away. You'll earn 30% - 80% of their purchase of any package level equal to or one price point higher than what you have purchased as long as you have met the minimal surfing requirements.

But, here's where the Leverage kicks in (stay with me, it gets good here!)... Every fourth sale you make at each of the purchase price points is paid UP to your sponsor or qualifying sponsor. Watch -- That means that YOU'LL be receiving every fourth sale from each of your direct referrals to infinity width and in some cases that can go to infinity depth!

NOTE: Another FASCINATING feature with ITB is that, while there are 11 price points, you do NOT have to purchase each package in ascending order. Nope... rather, when you purchase advertising credits at a particular price point you'll be able to earn boosted (80%) commissions one level HIGHER (as noted above) plus ALL the lower levels. Plus you earn 30% commissions on all remaining packages.

Wow, that is a HUGE incentive to purchase up a few levels, don't you think? Having the ability to earn boosted commissions on multiple levels by purchasing only on one? Wow! (Of course, always stay within your budget, but invest in and believe in yourself. ITB is here to help you earn, build and succeed!)

Now, the final piece to this fantastic puzzle (or should we say this dwindling onion as we peel it? LOL) and that final piece is RESIDUAL Income!

Check this out... When you purchase an advertising credits package in InfinityTrafficBoost you are immediately "Purchase Boost Activated" for 90 days. This means you are now positioned to earn up to 80% commissions on that level, one level above and all purchase levels below for 90 days. To continue to earning at that purchase level after 90 days, you'll need to purchase another advertising credits package.

What ITB has created is an incredible opportunity to earn RECURRING Income without the fear and hassle of setting up a subscription payment. If you are earning from your efforts (surfing OR referrals) you'll surely want to keep referral and, here's the good part, so will YOUR Referrals and "Up" sales!

How cool is that?

So, I hope you can now see why I am so very excited about InfinityTrafficBoost. I know that ITB has already made me a nice consistent income and provided me with excellent exposure for my main program.

The Community at InfinityTrafficBoost is intelligent, active and engaged which is exactly the type of audience you want to view your ads, right?

I would encourage you to check out ITB now, join free and have a look around. Yes, as noted above you CAN earn as a free member and you CAN earn without referrals.

But WOW, Can you earn and benefit a LOT more as a paid member - Check it out today and feel free to post here any questions or comments that you may have!

Oh, and if you are wondering, you can purchase into ITB with PayZa or BitCoin, Commissions on sales in BitCoin are paid INSTANTLY Via BitCoin and Surfing Rewards are paid every two weeks, also via BitCoin.

How cool is THAT?

You can get all detailed information about the program from the InfinityTrafficBoost site at So if you want to get more traffic and see your earnings grow, try InfinityTrafficBoost. You have nothing to lose with it.




Power List Marketing caught my eye recently. It was promoted to me as the total and complete marketers site, allowing you to capture names and email addresses from every click on the net and after looking into it - I have to say I am impressed.


I joined and took the upgrades - I figured, they offer a money back guarantee so why not..? You are not in any way required to take the upgrades to get the benefits of the site. However, they do multiply the benefits, I have found.


What a concept - I must say.
The building of a list online is perhaps one of the most important skills you can ever have and this site is the most incredibly easy to use system
to literally explode your list.

This benefits WHATEVER you promote.
No matter if it is a Clickbank product, a matrix, an MLM or ANYTHING. Even Google ad words and 'traditional' style of marketing can reap huge benefits from this site.

You get to create your own opt in lists on total autopilot.

Now there have been other sites that have done this, but none that then throw in a TOTAL Auto-responder system and Email marketing follow up system as well.


The 'Secret Weapon' Sales system is a method for showing FULL PAGE ads -
And not just from clicks on your own links - but from clicks on links across the whole network and in fact across the ENTIRE INTERNET!!

Imagine that -
Totally targeted, unblock-able, Full page ad views from people that have already said they are interested.....

That alone is going to put a lot of dough in my pocket over the years to come.


And this works virally--meaning as you make referrals into Power List Marketing (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Power List Marketing image on the Full Page ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. And this works up to 5 levels deep. So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Power List Marketing also.


I didn't get to test the full effect of a big down-line yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated--my links got clicked, My list is growing at a rate I have never seen before, and my ads got displayed. Power List Marketing even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays. That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.


There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all--down-line emailing. You can email your down-line with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Power List Marketing really shines. They took time to make the emailing often enough that it's valuable as a user, but no so often that it's a burden to your down-line. But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. They even give you an instant 250 Member down-line to mail to - before your first referral, but... THE TOP LEVEL IS WHERE TO BE FOR SERIOUS MARKETERS - A GUARANTEED 3000 MEMBER MAIL OUT COMES WITH THE PACKAGE... Whoa!


Overall I have to say I am impressed with Power List Marketing. It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to explode their list and benefit from some excellent advertising.


See it and join here: (I negotiated to give anyone that joins through my link, instant EXECUTIVE membership, but this is not forever, so make haste)


Success Driven and Self Motivated?

Dream of being your own boss? Tired of making other people money?
Want to make your own success?

We are looking for motivated people who want to build a successful business online
and who are serious about making a positive change
in their financial future.

We provide all the training, resources and mentoring. No experience is necessary!
You'll be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Requirements: Internet, computer/laptop, motivation, be coachable, be a team player.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, please fill out the form at:



The Downliner - The Ultimate Cooperative Traffic Exchange with 1,347,000+ members


Flas games

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EasyCash4ads, Truth or conspiracy? You decide . . .


Full Review of the EasyCash4Ads System

EasyCash4ads Launched in December 2016 and is being touted as the new miracle program of the decade. We investigate how these claims stack up. Can EasyCash4Ads live up to the claim or is it an elaborate scam.

EC4A's compensation plan is a 2-up system where your first two sales (which they refer to as qualifier sales) are passed up to your sponsor. Everybody has to make these 2 qualifier sales before they can start their first income leg which means the longer you are in the system, the more likely it is you will actually make a good chunk of money.

Before we get to the cost to join, let's first have a look at the 2-up compensation plan and why it works.

On a simple 1-up where only your first sale is passed up to your sponsor, your income can quickly come to a standstill if the last person you referred can't or won't refer anyone. This is assuming you only started one income leg, but you can still see why this method is doomed to fail. 1-ups are typically associated with get-rich-quick schemes and our advice would be to stay away from them.

What makes the 2-up compensation plan different is that with each level you reach, the risk of your income coming to a halt is effectively halved. Continue a few levels down and it becomes almost impossible to stop it.

So how much does it cost to join and what do you get for it?

The total cost to join is a one-time $19; $9 is for your hosting and the remaining $10 goes to your sponsor. What you get for your $19 is actually a bit more than what is advertised and that is always nice when a company can over-deliver on a product.

Officially, everybody in your income leg/s will see your full page ad for 25 seconds each time they log in. While this can have a profound effect in other programs you belong to, it quickly loses its power after you have seen the same ad a dozen times, especially if you went ahead and joined whatever system your sponsor is advertising. This is where the owners used their heads and the first part of over-delivering starts.

Any new members you get into your income legs, whether directly referred or passed up from the people in your EasyCash4Ads legs, will see your ad every time they log in to their back-office, but only for the first two weeks. After two weeks they will see a random member's ad. Not only does this put your ad in front of more eyes than simply the people in your leg/s, it also has the added benefit for newbies and those members who are slow at referring of getting a lot other people to look at their offer.

Continuing to over deliver, a special section found in your the back-office is dedicated to member contributions. Here you will find reports in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats by some top recruiters in EasyCash4Ads where they outline the exact methods they use daily to get sign-ups. Just this feature alone is a gold mine as the information relates to all on-line marketing and not just for EasyCash4Ads. If you are struggling to make a dime on-line these reports will really open your eyes as to how successful marketers go about getting referrals. It is the equivalent of a guru standing over your shoulder and telling you exactly what to do every day.

A last honorable mention I want to give before passing the final verdict has to go to the affiliate resources.

While most program owners will give you two or three resources to help you promote and send you on your way, the owners of EasyCash4Ads really look after their affiliates. They cover all aspects of marketing, both off-line and on-line with an abundance of tools you are not likely to see anywhere else.

The back-office is divided in to 2 sections when it comes to affiliate resources to make it easy for newbies to start and work their way up to the more in depth tools without getting overwhelmed. Talking about tools, the capture pages and splash pages are almost works of art and sure to draw in visitors.

They also have a complete follow-up system designed to draw in new members with a mixture of information and humor. They also send members a copy-and-paste email to send to prospects who opted in to receive more information. What makes this copy-and-paste email especially powerful is that they managed to create an email for members to send out which actually does a hard sell (yes, you read that right), but they disguise it as a very innocent and sincere email.

Final verdict.

EasyCash4Ads offers phenomenal value for a one-time cost of only $19. While some marketers may consider it a pseudo gifting system, there is much more than meets the eye. As a feeder program it is a perfect fit as everyone and their uncle has $19 to spare. For those of you who already belong to FunMouse and / or GDI, EasyCash4Ads has the added bonus that it feeds into those programs as well to help you get more sign-ups without any extra effort.

This program gets our highest recommendation.

Click here to visit

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A Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing: Not Having A Plan Will Kill Your Business

by Patrick Griffin Author

There are many myths surrounding internet marketing and two of the main ones seem to be that it is incredibly easy to do and that there is virtually no work required to set yourself up in business. In fact many products on the market specifically tell you that all you need to do is buy the product in question, press a few buttons, enter a couple of lines of text on a website and then just wait for the money to roll in.

These product offers are generally short on details explaining exactly what you do need to do but long on lists of things you will not need to know about to set up in business. Sadly, most of them just simply do not work and if they form part of, or even all, of your business start-up strategy then you are setting yourself up to fail from the outset.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you are starting out in internet marketing (and so many people are now that global economic conditions make traditional jobs harder to come by) then you simply must have a plan if you are going to succeed. It need not be the best plan in the world but, believe me, you simply have to have some plan to guide you. I know this only too well because I learned the hard way. Like so many others, I jumped straight in buying random products because they either looked good or the sales letters sucked me right in and convinced me I just must have this product.

And guess what? It took me two whole wasted years to realize that I was getting nowhere fast in building a business and my efforts were just eating away at my rapidly dwindling bank balance. It was only when I sat down and took the time to work out that I had to work hard on setting up my business that I saw the error or my ways. I quickly signed up for a training program which set out the basis of building up an internet marketing business and set about putting what I had learned into practice. In short I got myself an action plan and stuck to it.

When I asked other internet marketers how they had started I was amazed when so many told me they first tried the same initial approach as me and set about buying random products in the hope that it would help them make their fortunes online. If you are doing the same right now then please stop because if there really was a magic product capable of running your business on autopilot with no work required from you then everyone would have one. First you must realize that setting up in internet marketing is exactly the same as setting yourself up in any other business and you will have to plan, plan, and plan again for success. You can initially expect to put in long hours for little or no immediate reward but as you get better at it you will begin to earn an income and see your hard work paying off.

Fall for the hype that you don't need to work and can simply sit back while the latest piece of 'magic software' builds your business on autopilot and all you will achieve is a very efficient means of emptying your bank account of cash.

But spend time getting the right offer, the right products and work hard at driving potential customers to your website and you are well on the way to an exciting career in internet marketing.

© Patrick Griffin, All rights reserved.

And now I invite you to download 7 FREE internet marketing ebooks at to kick-start your online business. You'll get key information on traffic strategies, SEO, affiliate marketing and much more.

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A very unique concept that works!

Hello friend,

I have been working with a website that is
absolutely innovative in their marketing
methods. Its is a very unique type of
cooperative where every member helps
every other member.

We all promote one link and earn credits
for displaying other members offers. Those
credits are then used to display our own

The traffic comes from everywhere online.
Some of the highest quality websites such
as blogs and forums are delivering ads via
banner clicks. Others, like myself, are sending
out safelist emails.

To check out one of our members sites click
the link below.

Sigurjon Gislason


Just fore you pebel her is some free leds genirators fore you

Tight on Budget ? Not enough leads for your busines? Here's your chance to get 1 Million Double-Opted In, Daily Verified Leads For F*R*E*E !!Come get it before they close this free offer !

I am inviting You Now, to Join for FREE, the World's Largest Straight One-Line of People like I did. Just CLICK this link:

It only takes 2 minutes to Join, it's FREE! and it builds Your Global List for You!! Everyone in the KNOW, knows... The BIGGER Your List, The MORE You EARN!!

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Have you heard about SFI and TripleClicks? This is now the fastest growing affiliate program in the internet today! It has now more than 5.3 M affiliates and is increasing at a rate of about 2,000 members a day.

These two websites are closely connected to each other. TripleClicks is the online store where you find almost everything you need at homes and offices. The unique feature of this online store is, any SFI affiliate can also sell their own product.

The SFI websites on the other hand, keeps your records as affiliate. Including you commissions, rewards, business development lessons and other activities.

What make these two websites as sources of unlimited income is because of its multi-faceted streams of income.

Here are the different ways to earn money from SFI:

  1. You can earn income from any item you directly sold from TripleClicks. This is 45% of commission value (CV) which is similar to profit. These are the purchases of your personally sponsored affiliates (PSA) and personally recruited members (PRM) of TrippleClicks.
  2. You can also earn 15% of CV from the purchases of your Co-Sponsor Affiliates (CSA). CSA are given to you by SFI as reward for your monthly attained rank and you can also win CSA from auction conducted by TripleClicks.
  3. You can earn 10% of CV from what was sold by your E-Commerce Affiliates (ECA). ECA are sellers in TripleClicks that you recruited.
  4. You earn 100% of your profit margin if you are an ECA yourself, selling your own products at TripleClicks.
  5. You can earn if you sell your old stuffs in the member’s listing.
  6. You can earn if you give your recruits to SFI. You will be paid according to the activities that your recruit does. This is called SFI pay per action program (SFIPPA).
  7. You can earn hundreds of rewards both cash and redeemable points every month through contests and draws.
  8. Lastly, you can earn unlimited share from Executive Pool. This is called the goldmine at SFI. Every month, SFI is sharing 40% of its profit (CV) company-wide as Executive Pool. You get your share of this Executive Pool in proportion to the number of Versa Points (VP) you earn in one month.

What is exciting about earning points is, you can harvest the points (VP) of your downlines through matching points.  Matching points means you also earn the points earned by your downlines. To earn the matching points, you need to be a Team Leader, the higher your rank the deeper you can harvest VP from your downlines.

You harvest up to 6 generation for being a Bronze Team Leader, 8 generation to Silver, 10 for Gold and 12 for Platinum and Diamond Team Leader.

The Executive Pool program is the reason why affiliates are voluntarily and eagerly buying from TripleClicks things that they need because one requirements to become a Team leaders are the points (VP) earned from their purchases.

SFI is a real online business, Join now and start building your second income!

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